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What You Should And Shouldn’t Do Regarding The Carpenter Ant Eradication Process

You might be pondering, “What should I do if I have carpenter ants?” But, equally as important, you need to know what you shouldn’t do when dealing with carpenter ants. Do It Yourself endeavors can be frustrating and generally unsuccessful when dealing with carpenter ants, especially if you don’t fully comprehend the necessary steps in the carpenter ant eradication process.

There are 24 carpenter ant species around the world, but fortunately, only 2 species, displayed on our home page, commonly infest Maine homes and businesses. Carpenter ants can be winged or non-winged. During warm weather droves of winged carpenter ants leave their nests, more often than not located on your property outside your home, to mate and establish new colonies.

If one of those new colonies gets established in your home or buildings, the carpenter ant damage can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We highly recommend contacting Kingfield Maine Pest Control, a division of Elliott Pest Control. Our licensed and insured ant experts specialize in the carpenter ant eradication process.

When you hire Kingfield Maine Pest Control we have a four-step carpenter ant eradication process for addressing your carpenter ant issues. We’ll provide a comprehensive carpenter ant inspection of your home and property, a clearly explained plan for the treatment of your carpenter ant problem, habitat modifications that help prevent future infestations, and ongoing treatments from year to year.

Often when ging through our Carpenter Ant Eradication process, we'll find rotting trees infested with Carpenter ants. Thanks to wiki commons.
Logs around your property often show signs of carpenter ants
Kingfield Maine Pest Control shows an example of winged carpenter ants.
Carpenter ant frass in a home


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You Can’t Go Wrong With Kingfield Maine Pest Control

Kingfield Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control division, is a local family-owned pest insect control company with over two decades of on-the-ground experience.

We focus on providing top-quality education to our certified, licensed, and insured carpenter ant professionals, which means we provide, in our not so humble opinion, our customers with the best carpenter ant eradication service in the area.

Our team stays with the times and follows the latest research on carpenter ant treatment methods. Each team member tests the efficacy of each carpenter ant extermination method.

We always do everything possible to increase our environmental friendliness. And of course, we never leave a job without getting 100% customer satisfaction.

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The Carpenter Ant Eradication Process Demands Professional Help

Kingfield Maine Pest Control 4-Step Carpenter Ant Eradication Process

A Thorough Site Inspection Is Step 1 Of The Carpenter Ant Eradication Process

There are many reasons why carpenter ants enter a home or building, including searching for food and water and seeking protection from the elements. Most often, carpenter ants make their nests in dead trees or stumps, mulch piles, rotting fence posts or railroad ties surrounding gardens, and even under rocks.

To avoid ants coming into your buildings, we must thoroughly check all these possible habitats for carpenter ants. If we locate carpenter ants or their nests on your property, our specialists must exterminate them.

Also, if we locate any significant carpenter ant building destruction during an inspection, it’s more than likely the wood in those areas is compromised by moisture. If you do have locations of your home impacted by carpenter ants, there may be water leaks that need addressing, and of course, rotted will require removal and replacement.

No matter what situation exists on your property, as part of the Carpenter Ant Eradication Process, we will go through the options available that will address your carpenter ant problems.


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Carpenter Ants Can Carve Through Foam Insulation, Build Colonies In Rotting Moist Woodpiles Outside Of Your House, Get Into Damp Basements Via Foundation Cracks, and Chew Through Moist Wood Window Framing.

Carpenter ants carving galleries into sprayed in insulation foam.
Carpenter Ants love soft rotting firewood sitting on the ground.
Call our Kingfield Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Eradication pros if you see carpenter ants climbing up your cinder block foundation.
These carpenter ants are making their way into a home via a frame around a window.

Choosing The Proper Treatment Is Step 2 Of The Carpenter Ant Eradication Process

Once we locate carpenter ants, we will treat them with baits or non-repellent insecticides. Carpenter ants cannot detect non-repellent insecticides, so they will not avoid them. If we choose to use baits, we only use those that are non-toxic to pets.

When we use our surface spray insecticides, which we often use, they are highly effective and non-repellent. Carpenter ants walk over the sprayed surfaces and carry the insecticide on their feet, spreading the deadly insecticide throughout the nest.

Keep in mind many DIY application sprays purchased at hardware stores are not non-repellent and are bad-smelling chemicals that carpenter ants will avoid altogether. It’s not unusual these home applications can make your carpenter ant situation worse, and the ants will split up their colony into several new colonies as a survival strategy.

Every product we use in our Carpenter Ant Eradication Process is environmentally safe. Rest assured that Kingfield Maine Pest Control has your health and well-being foremost in the carpenter ant treatment process. Our applications will not harm children, pets, or the plants around your home.


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Habitat Modification Is Step 3 Of The Carpenter Ant Eradication Process

Habitat modification is changing property inside and out to minimize infestations of a particular target species of wildlife or insect, in this case, carpenter ants. As part of the carpenter ant eradication process, many modifications will help prevent carpenter ant home invasions or enhance control of current carpenter ant infestations.

Since carpenter ants need wood and moisture, minimizing the availability of the combination is essential. Organic debris, stumps, logs, and woodpiles removed or moved as far away from buildings as possible prevents carpenter ants from building colonies in these favored spots.

Openings into a home or building, such as cracks in the foundation, small spaces around doors and windows, and gaps where utility lines enter your buildings, require sealing.

We advise you to repair all moisture problems due to land tilting toward a foundation, clogged gutters, leaky plumbing, and flawed seals around chimneys, skylights, doors, and windows.

Also, an arborist can cut overhanging tree branches next to your home and buildings to prevent carpenter ants from having an entryway.


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Carpenter Ants Can Carve Through Foam Insulation, Build Colonies In Rotting Moist Woodpiles Outside Of Your House, Get Into Damp Basements Via Foundation Cracks, and Chew Through Moist Wood Window Framing.

Kingfield Maine Pest Control checks wood piles for carpenter ant infestation. Thanks to China Wong, UNH.
Kingfield Maine Pest Control gets calls for our Carpenter Ant Eradication experience. Thanks to China Wong, UNH.
Often when out on a Carpenter Ant Eradication Process job, we'll often find Carpenter ants in footer framing. Thanks to wiki commons.
Carpenter Ants eating their way out of wood in a living space

Ideally, Returning The Following Year Is Step 4 Of The Carpenter Ant Eradication Process

Generally, we like to return each year for another application as part of our Carpenter Ant Eradication Process. Having repeat applications each year will help keep carpenter ants from re-establishing a foothold on your property.

Continuing professional perimeter treatments of building foundations, lawns, or trees with our carpenter ant insecticide sprays will help prevent outdoor carpenter ants from entering.

As a reminder, nearly all over-the-counter carpenter ant baits sold at hardware stores do not contain the same attractants or active ingredients as our professionals use. While the packaging and advertising may seem credible, homeowners waste enormous amounts of money each year on over-the-counter carpenter ant bait products that do not work as stated.

Kingfield Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control Division, commits to offering only the best professional carpenter ant bait treatments that perform as stated and at reasonable costs. You can depend that our carpenter ant eradication process provides the best outcomes for carpenter ant elimination.


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Carpenter Ant Invasions Happen Regularly In The Kingfield, Maine Area

More often than not, the general public believes carpenter ants chew through wood and feed on wood. Carpenter ants do not eat wood for nutrition, though they feed on the sweet honeydew produced by aphids and other insects, the juice from plants and fruit, and other small insects.

The video to the right(below on mobile) shows carpenter ants chewing out fine wood dust size pieces of wood to make areas called “galleries” where they live and reproduce. The ants push out the “wood dust” from the galleries, a sign of a carpenter ant infestation.

Carpenter ants generally take years to cause significant structural damage in a building, but you are well-advised to treat your home and buildings if you do see signs of carpenter ants. Don’t let carpenter ants get a foothold in your Kingfield, Maine buildings!

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