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Elliott Pest Control Of Rangeley Maine

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Kingfield Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control division,  is a local Maine-based family-held company started by me, Bill Elliott, over 20 years ago. My wife and I raised two boys and two girls where we live in Rangeley, Maine, and where I hit the ground running every day solving customers carpenter ant problems and so many insect and wildlife problems.

At the start of each day, I think About Kingfield Maine Pest Control and its future. I promise to myself I’ll deliver the best customer service experience possible while safely solving their carpenter ant complications. And I feel good knowing most consumers would rather do business with a company like mine that is a long-time member of the local business community, and one that has a great reputation.

You NEVER Have To Worry About Kingfield Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Extermination Products since they Are 100% Family and Pet-Friendly. 

I’m highly confident if the “locals” question my customers About Kingfield Maine Pest Control, they’ll hear I took pride in doing a job well, listened to my customer’s concerns, and solved their carpenter ant problems with products that were safe around their family, pets, and gardens.

As I thought more about Kingfield Maine Pest Control, and my home base company Elliott Pest Control, I knew I wanted to provide my top-notch carpenter ant extermination services well beyond my hometown of Rangeley, Maine, and its surrounding communities like Oquossoc. So I’m spreading out and bringing my Carpenter Ant Extermination services to Kingfield, Mt Vernon, New Sharon, New Vineyard, Phillips, Strong, Temple, Vienna, Weld, Wilton, and other cities as far as Bethel, Maine.

But rest assured, no matter what city I or my employees serve, we’ll continue to bring the same high level of concern, care, and work ethic. So if you’re having any carpenter ant problems, please think About Kingfield Maine Pest Control and give me a call at (207) 491-6961. I’ll look forward to meeting you!

Photograph Usage Statement: I want to extend my deep appreciation to Dr. Rudolf H. Scheffrahn of the University of Florida for allowing me the usage of his fantastic photograph of a Dealate(wingless) and Winged Queen Carpenter Ant surrounded by winged males. See Below.

Kingfield Maine Pest Control Is A Non-Corporate Family Held Maine Pest Control Company

We believe you would prefer doing business with a company that is a long-time member of the local small business community and has an excellent reputation. Kingfield Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control division, is a straightforward, experienced, well-respected carpenter ant extermination company providing services for the Kingfield, Maine region for twenty-plus years.

Our Kingfield Maine Pest Control experts bring state-of-the-art technology and years of on the ground experience, providing efficient carpenter ant control to residences and commercial properties throughout the Kingfield, Maine region.

No matter whether you’re a Kingfield, Maine homeowner or business owner, Kingfield Maine Pest Control provides affordable, eco-friendly, and customer-oriented carpenter ant eradication. So when you have carpenter ant problems think About Kingfield Maine Pest Contral. Hire us, and we guarantee you’ll be pleased when we eliminate your carpenter ant problems and help you stop reinfestations.

The best to you and yours,
Bill Elliott,
Owner Of Elliott Pest Control, LLC
Call Now: (207) 491-6961

Learn About Kingfield Maine Pest Control.Thanks to Thadguidry, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.
The more you Learn About Kingfield Maine Pest Control the more you'll like us. Thanks to Wiki Commons.
Carpenter ants moving pupae following a disturbance to the nest. Thanks to China Wong UNH
Photograph Of 2 Queen Carpenter Ants  surrounded by winged males. Thanks to Dr Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, University of Florida.

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Any Kingfield Maine Pest Control employee must pass a background check, and Covid vaccinated before being hired. Every in-field technician of our company knows their job is making you happy with our services. Our employees are highly knowledgeable and will do their best to answer any questions about services, our products, scheduling, and payment choices.

And One More Thing About Kingfield Maine Pest Control – We’re An IPM Provider

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and eco-friendly method for pest insect control that depend on a blend of common-sense methods. IPM systems use modern, wide-ranging data on the life phases of insect pests and their relationships with the natural environment. This data, combined with existing insect pest control methods, is used to manage insect pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible danger to people, property, and the ecosystem.

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If you discover an ant issue in your home, but you’re not sure if the ants are carpenter ants, take a picture, email the picture to us with a brief description of where you found the ants, and anything else you feel might be helpful. We’ll respond within 24 hours with a definite identification and our professional opinion of the appropriate treatment choices.