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Of course, our Carpenter Ant extermination specialists at Kingfield Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control division, are here to help you if you have carpenter ants tearing at your building’s woodwork. And suppose you’ve spotted black or reddish-colored ants around three-quarters of an inch in length in or around your Kingfield, Maine home. In that case, you should be concerned since there is a good chance you have carpenter ants, and calling our carpenter ant extermination experts at (207) 491-6961 for a carpenter ant home inspection would be in order.

One of the most destructive Maine insect pests, carpenter ants, chew into wooden buildings, weakening structural integrity and producing costly damage. If gone unchecked, a colony of carpenter ants can tear through your home for many seasons inflicting destruction. But in almost all instances, carpenter ants don’t build their homes in dry wood, preferring to make their maze of spotless tunnels called “galleries” where there has been moisture and decaying wood. And as often is the case, when our carpenter ant extermination inspectors get called in to give an assessment they discover more underlying severe issues; wood softened by dry rot or water damage.

Kingfield Maine Pest Control Carpenter Ant Extermination team sees reddish carpenter ants in homes. Thanks to Yellowstone National Park, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Kingfield Maine Pest Control gets calls for our Carpenter Ant Extermination of black carpenter ants. Thanks to Muhammad Mahdi Karim via Wikimedia Commons
Often when out on a Carpenter Ant Eradication job, we'll find rotting trees infested with Carpenter ants. Thanks to wiki commons.

Yes, Carpenter Ants Can Live Through The Maine Winter In Your Home, And Thrive!

Many of our Kingfield, Maine customers thought Carpenter Ants would not be a problem in the winter months. But this preconception about carpenter ants could not be further from the truth. It’s true, most Maine insect pests go dormant in cold weather. But, heated Maine homes with carpenter ant infestations allow carpenter ants to thrive deep inside their galleries while waiting for warmer weather conditions to start searching for food sources, laying more eggs, and enlarging their colonies. But, if your warm winterized home provides convenient places for carpenter ants to search out your easily accessible stored food to bring to the gallery, then they will stay active through the winter, continuing their destructive ways. 

Kingfield Maine Pest Control Is An Independent Family Owned Maine Pest Control Company

Kingfield Maine Pest Control, an Elliott Pest Control division, is an honest, efficient, well-respected carpenter ant extermination company serving the Kingfield, Maine region for over twenty years.

Our specialists bring educated real-world experience providing effective carpenter ant control to homes and businesses around the Kingfield, Maine region.

No matter whether you’re a Kingfield, Maine homeowner or business owner, Kingfield Maine Pest Control provides affordable, effective, and environmentally responsible carpenter ant extermination solutions that eliminate carpenter ants and prevent reinfestations.

Kingfield Maine Pest Control Uses Effective Carpenter Ant Extermination Products That Are Safe To Use Around You, Your Loved Ones, And Your Pets!

The Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation In Your Kingfield, Maine Home Or Business

In most instances, carpenter ants make their nests in moist rotting wood, and there is plenty of them in the older buildings in the Kingfield, Maine area. Given the wooded areas around Kingfield, carpenter ants flourish in many of the moist rotting trees. The resilient carpenter ant can even survive in the cold weather if enough of them can build their fat storage and cover over their nest.

When carpenter ants invade a building, in many instances, they enter in large numbers. And once in your buildings and a colony established, you may be facing thousands of ants in a colony that can survive for years under the proper conditions. And if that is not lousy enough, carpenter ants can create multiple nests in your home, growing the infestation and spreading their damage

If you suspect a carpenter ant infestation in your home or buildings, please don’t put off calling Kingfield Maine Pest Control’s carpenter ant extermination technicians at (207) 491-6961. Ignoring your carpenter ant problem could result in serious damage to your home and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

Would you please take a moment and examine the photos on this page? We have pictures of black and reddish carpenter ants, sawdust-like shavings from carpenter ants digging through wood walls, carpenter ants caring for their eggs, damaged beams and woodwork, and a carpenter ant feeding on aphids in a garden. If you see anything suggestive of the photos on this page, that will indicate an active carpenter ant infestation.

You need our carpenter ant extermination team if you see this type of sawdust arount wood.Thanks to Thadguidry, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.
These carpenter ants made their way into the living space of a home via a frame around a window. Thanks to Wiki Commons.
Carpenter ants moving pupae following a disturbance to the nest. Thanks to China Wong UNH
Carpenter ants destroying wood on a foundation. No machine-readable author provided. Duk assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
Carpenter Ant destruction in a home. Thanks to Wikimedia commons.
You need our carpenter ant extermination team if you see this type of sawdust arount trees.Thanks to Thadguidry, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.
black carpenter ant
Carpenter ant eating aphids in a garden.
Carpenter ants on a foundation
Carpenter ants living in a wood pile.